That’s Nacho Cheese (say it out loud)

Nacho bar night!

So what we did was a very simple beef nacho dish: diced bulb onion and 2 diced garlic cloves from our farm share, 1 pound grass-fed ground beef, lots of spices (particularly ancho chile powder, cumin, paprika, chili powder, red pepper, salt, black pepper, dried thyme), 2 cups frozen bell pepper mix and 1 can spicy whole black beans.

Toppings?  Shredded mozzarella and a monterey jack blend, guacamole, salsa and mesclun mix.  Chip selection?  Garden Fresh Gourmet Corn Tortilla Chips.


I went with the simple stacking method: chips, thin layer of cheese, beef mix, thin layer of cheese, mesclun mix, salsa, thin layer of cheese, heated in the microwave until cheese melts and the greens wilts, topped with guacamole.  The layers of cheese in between are key (and this goes for pizza, too), because it keeps the toppings from sliding off.  Instead it all meshes together nicely.

Josh also did the layering method with his chips (skipping the lettuce) but then took it one stop further, preparing it all on a baking sheet and bakng it in the oven for about 5 minutes.

And for you carb haters out there (though I will never understand your strange and foreign ways), in lieu of corn chips, you can substitute cabbage or lettuce wraps!

Ta da!

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