Burgers. Burgers everywhere! Burgers far as the eye can see!

[frame align=”left”][/frame]Saturday was a glorious day.  We joined together in the holy name of burgers to celebrate the second Evernote cookalong.  And oh, what a cookalong it was.  Full of juicy, grilled deliciousness, smothered in cheese and various toppings, served on golden buns.

Let’s see…the burgers themselves were turkey-feta, and ground brisket and pork.  The toppings ranged from the classic cheese, tomato and lettuce to homemade double-dipped onion rings to…poutine.  Yes, poutine.  Our friends Jeff and Ruth are Canadian and well…they bought fresh cheese curds from Zingermans.  Which made Jeff think he could also get gravy and fries.  By that, I mean, he realized he could bring things to my house and I would make gravy and fries.  Because I would.  And I did.  And then he topped the fries with the gravy.  And topped the gravy with the cheese curds.  And topped his burger with the poutine.

He topped his burger with the poutine.  Well, I guess Sunday was Canada Day. 

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But enough about gravy and cheese-filled toppings.  Let’s focus on the meat of the issue here.  Below are the ingredients for each of the burgers we made.  Combine the ingredients listed and then cook them the way you like—I prefer to put mine on a screaming hot grill for 3 minutes before flipping them once and turning down the heat and cooking until they are medium rare (for the brisket burgers) or well done (for the turkey).  But your mileage may vary.


Brisket Burgers
2lbs ground brisket
1lb ground pork
2 tsp cumin
salt and pepper
2tbsp dried italian herbs

Turkey Feta Burgers
2lbs ground turkey thigh
3oz crumbled feta
1tbsp herbes de provence
2 tsp white pepper
1/2 tbsp salt
(delicious with a spicy hummus sauce, btw!)


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4 thoughts on “Burgers. Burgers everywhere! Burgers far as the eye can see!

  1. Lawrence Michaels

    That burger looks pretty darn good. I’ve never cooked them with cumin before, I imagine it would give it a bit of a kick, which is always good. I think I’ll give it a try next time I make some patties. Thanks for the tip.
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