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Step One: Learn How to Make a Basic Pancake

I’ll be honest—I have difficulty making good pancakes.  I chalk it up to not doing it that often, partially (well, mostly) due to my aversion to breakfast foods.  Plus if I have to eat something breakfasty, I prefer French toast most days and Josh does make an awesome French toast casserole.  I used to be good at pancakes….when I was ten….and we bought boxed mix.  Because let’s face it–those boxed mixes have the chemistry down; that’s because they spend millions of dollars on research and design.  But making pancakes from scratch was never my forté.

But Josh likes pancakes.  And I imagine I should learn to try to like breakfast foods more—at the very least, to make it less awkward when going out to eat and everyone else is ordering bacon, eggs, french toast and bagels and I’m ordering chicken caesar salad.  Yeah, I’ve done that.  At Angelos.  You can get the chicken caesar there anytime.  Also, I often get deli chicken salad and bread at Amer’s or Cafe Zola.  But anyway—we’re talking about breakfasty foods here.  So in an effort to be a more “breakfasty” person, I decide that what I need to do is just jump feet first into the syrupy pool of carbs and starches that everyone else seems to know and love.

First, however, I need to master the basic pancake.  You know, sweet, fluffy, light, nicely browned.  Not too doughy, not too flat.  Pancakes.  You know, pancakes. Continue reading