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Introducing Guests Posts from Chad at AnthroPhysique!

I am super excited about this post!  Today I get to introduce you to Chad Williams, who is an awesome, amazing and hilarious person.  Starting today, he’s going to start sharing a little bit of that awesomeness with all of us.

Chad is a fellow Evernote Ambassador (Fitness) and runs his own online fitness coaching company: AnthroPhysique. Fitness and health are his life and his goal is to help people create the body they were born to have. He takes advantage of Evernote and other technology to offer his online fitness coaching services to clients around the world.[divider top=”0″]

Chad Williams, AnthroPhysique

Chad Williams, AnthroPhysique

Thank you! I’m am very excited to be a part of this blog! Food and cooking are obviously a huge part of my life and my clients lives, and I believe this website is a great resource for new ideas and inspiration. I hope I can help by giving tips, advice, and nutritional information to the readers.

A little dirt about me is: I’m 31 years old, married, no kids, I run my own company from my home office and live in Vancouver, BC. I work with clients around the world providing fitness programs and nutritional coaching using technology and the interwebs.

When it comes to food, I just can’t get enough! :D  I love to eat, and I especially love to barbecue at home. My wife and I are busy individuals, so meals are usually quick and simple. We focus mainly on meats and vegetables, and try and plan out our weeks as best as we can. The usual process is I cook the meat and my wife preps the veggies or salad.

As mentioned, the barbecue is my weapon of choice. Put me in front of a stove or oven and I’m pretty much useless. However, give me almost any food and a BBQ and you’ll be drooling in minutes! I just love the taste from the open flame and also the control I have over how well things are cooked, or not. Also, the amount of options you have with a little oil and a handful of spices is amazing.

I could go on about my life forever, so I’ll stop there for now. I’ll answer questions and share some favourite recipes in future posts. I’d also love to know more about you, so please comment about your favourite cooking methods or if you have any questions.


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