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Thanksgiving Survival Kit

Got your countdown to Thanksgiving on yet?  I, for one, do.  I have resolved that this holiday season will be my most organized and delicious ever, and I have a few not-so-secret weapons up my sleeve to help me make good on that promise.  I say, “not-so-secret” because I am gladly and wholeheartedly shouting their names on rooftops.   And I have gathered several things here to help YOU have your most organized and delicious holiday ever so you can focus on family, friends and food and not on your blood pressure level.

First up: Evernote.  Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know.  “That’s your answer to everything,” you say.  Well, yes.  It is.  Because it’s the right answer.  Trust me–I would never steer you wrong when it came to something food related.

Keep sane this Thanksgiving with Evernote:

  • Start off by taking the Evernote Holiday Pledge.  Make a promise to yourself and those of us that love you that this holiday season you will enjoy yourself and you will be organized and you will make and eat delicious things.  With the Holiday Pledge, you will get tips, tricks and fun events to help make your holiday the best ever.
  • Check out my Thanksgiving Potluck notebook.  It’s got a ton of recipe ideas and some holiday dinner management tips that will help you stay sane as you prepare meals and events for your family and friends.
  • Follow Evernote and the #evernoteholiday hashtag on Twitter for updates and tips.
  • Keep checking back here because over the next few weeks, I’m going to have some blog posts and videos about ways to use Evernote to keep your kitchen running smoothly.


Get Inspiration for Your Thanksgiving Table with My Lovely Thanksgiving Learnist Boards

Need recipes, drinks, cooking tips and decor inspiration for Thanksgiving?  Learnist and I have got you covered, and how!  I’ve got all my relevant boards linked below and you can find them and much, much more on the Learni.st site!

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Get Crafty! Fun Holiday Crafts for You and the Kids


And keep checking back, because there are more updates all the time!


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