Have a Stress-Free Holiday with Evernote

I know.  You’re stressed.  You’re frustrated.  You’re angry and doggone-it, you’re hungry.  The holidays are coming up and just the thought of all that planning and preparation and pie–ok, maybe not the pie–are making you fret.  Well stop biting those nails and tearing out that hair.  We are here to help.  By we, I mean Evernote and me.  We are here to help you survive the holidays.

That’s why Evernote has launched a full slate of events, tips and plans aimed at helping you navigate these busy, bustling times.  First up?  A test-run Holiday Potluck with yours truly!  (Me.  It’s me.)

It’s an awesome idea, really: you want to try out a new recipe or four for this year’s Thanksgiving dinner but you really don’t want to try untested meals on your very picky family.  The Holiday potluck will give you a chance to try out some new recipes long before they have to make it to your Thanksgiving table.  You’ll get a shot to make, test and improve your dishes so that you can impress your friends and make your enemies seethe will jealousy.

Read all about the Potluck on the Evernote site.  Seriously, it’ll be loads of fun…and no pressure!  Besides, it’s another reason to throw a casual get-together so why not?  And if you don’t have a recipe in mind, no worries–I’ve put together a notebook of almost a hundred Thanksgiving recipes just for you.  Well and that guy over there.

And in addition to that, there’s a whole slew of stuff just waiting to help you get in the swing of the holidays.  Check them out on Evernote’s Holiday page.

Celebrate the Holidays with evernote

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