Evernote Cookalong: Everybody Crepe Now!

I’m not sure that I announced it here, officially.  If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook, you might have heard.  That, or maybe you’re one of fifty million people my mother forwarded it on to.  You may have suspected from previous posts I’ve written that I am indeed a fan of obsessed with Evernote and all the ways it can be used to achieve deliciousness in all stages of one’s life.  Well now that love affair is full-on legit.  I am now Evernote’s Ambassador for Home Cooking.

What does this mean?  To my husband’s sadness, it does not mean that I have diplomatic immunity in the continental US and parts of Guam.  It does mean that I am a total guru on how the average home cook can use this program in their own kitchens and wheresoever else their gastronomical fiefdom may extend.  Got questions?  I am here to help.  We can conquer the divide between dish and digital device together.Snapshot of Evernote notebook with crepe recipe displayed

Because if there’s one thing I love, it’s barbecue.  Wait, that’s a different post.  Because if there’s one more thing I love, it’s inspiring people to cook.  That and really, really, really thin pancakes.  Thus, I invite you to join me and the worldwide Evernote community this Saturday for the first ever

Evernote Cookalong!

And the special dish of the day?  Crêpes!  Anyway you want them.  It’s a digital foodie’s dream come true.  There’s cooking, there’s crêpes, there’s picture taking, there’s drooling over said pictures, there’s prizes, there’s eating, there’s something for everybody!

You can read more about the event on the Evernote blog, or sign up on Facebook to participate.  Feel free to use my basic crêpe recipe to get started, or find your own (and share it with the rest of us!).

So come, join the fun.  Do a little dish, make a little crêpe, get down tonight.  (I promise, I’ll make better crêpe jokes later.  Or will I?  Only thyme will tell…)


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