The Mango Tango, Pt 3

You know what the best meal ever is?  Dessert.  But you know what the best meal ever after dessert is?  Brunch.  And do you know why?  Consider the Venn diagram below.  Study it closely.  Learn its truths.

Today was a grand and glorious celebration in the holy and delicious name of a meal time that occurs between 10am and 2pm.  We called it, Brunchapalooza! 

It’s something I’ve been wanting to do for a while–basically a giant potluck of everyone’s favorite brunch-time foods and drinks.  We had baked french toast casserole, corned beef hash, three kinds of quiche, polenta cake with glaze and whipped cream, sticky buns, scones, clotted cream, fruit, spicy Bloody Marys, you name it, we had it.  I captured a bit of it with Evernote Food.

More pics here

In addition to the traditional Bloody Mary, we also had (my favorite brunch drink) mimosas, with a variety of fruit juices available.  That’s what brings us to this post today.  Because these mimosas were no ordinary mimosas.  No, we raised the bar a little bit (no alcohol pun intended—or is it?) on these.

Remember that mango ice cream I wrote about last week?  Well you won’t forget it after this.

I made another batch of mango ice cream this morning, just before brunch.  Then, when everyone arrived, I put scoops of the ice cream into each wine glass.  Then everyone could customize their mimosa the way they liked—traditional orange juice, orange-pineapple juice or passionfruit juice, champagne, and even strawberries or other fruit dropped in.  So we ended up with mango mimosa floats.

I’ll say that again, a bit slower.  Mango.  Mimosa.  Ice cream.  Floats.  Or mangomosa floats, as I’m now calling them.

And it was freaking delicious.

So this is my gift to you, this simple suggestion to liven up your next brunch: add ice cream.  Oh and champagne.  :)  Trust me on this one.

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