Thoughts on Grilled Cheese

I was perusing one of my favorite online communities when I came upon the picture below:

First of all, I just want to say…

…How have I never thought of doing raspberry jam and cream cheese before?  Brilliant grilled cheese idea.  Even better if you subbed pound cake for the bread…

But anyway, it got me to thinking about the glorious, radiant divinity that is the grilled cheese sandwich.  Especially because it is now just the right kind of weather for such a treat.  You know, because every kind of weather is the right kind of weather for grilled cheese.

[box type=”info” style=”rounded” border=”full”]Did you know?
The origin of the grilled cheese sandwich has been pinpointed to about the 1920s in America when sliced packaged bread and American cheese became readily available. It became popular during the Great Depression. [/box]

My absolute favorite grilled cheese is the one detailed in a post I wrote long ago: grilled cheese with green apple on Italian bread.

And of course, we explored a few different delicious options at the inaugural dinner of the Melties, including the classic ham and cheese, fire roasted tomato and grilled dubliner.

But that picture above has me thinking of all the new possibilities for combinations as yet unexplored in my various rendezvous with the sammich world.  Grilled bacon, cheddar and avocado?  Grilled goat cheese and red onion?  Grilled manchego and pear?  And don’t get me started on THIS list of amazing sandwiches…that sound you hear is my drool pooling on the floor.

So I’m asking you guys…what are your favorite grilled cheese toppings?  What do I absolutely need to try?  I got a whole winter coming and plenty of noms to fill it with.  :)


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4 thoughts on “Thoughts on Grilled Cheese

  1. Amanda Oakley

    A really good combo I tried at Coopers Hawk restaurant is a turkey brie and green apple with candied walnuts… SOOO good!

  2. Lauren Post author

    Turkey, brie and green apple…That sounds delicious. The extra edition of the walnuts is also freaking me out. Inside the sandwich or on top? Is the extra crunch weird? I’m going to have to try that combo for sure!

  3. Kristen @ The Little Bitchin Kitchen

    Oh my goodness! I recently became a follower of your blog and LOVE the above picture. (I agree, why did cream cheese never come to my mind?) -A few years back I used to frequent a spot in where I used buy lunch sandwiches and this post reminded me of it… it’s cherry marmalade with Brie on a pretzel toasted bun. SO heavenly!

    This has me thinking… (thanks for the inspiration!)
    Kristen @ The Little Bitchin Kitchen recently posted..Pumpkin Cream Cheese Muffins

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