Share the Love…and Pass a Plate


I like Valentine’s Day.  I know it’s a somewhat controversial holiday (which ones aren’t, these days?) but I personally appreciate it, for about the same base reason that I like Halloween: you just can’t go wrong with a holiday where a major focus is candy.

The second best part of V-Day is the silly cards you can swap with your friends.  You know, the “I choo-choo-choose you” train-shaped cards like Ralph gave to Lisa on the Simpsons?  Those are awesome and fun.  Any cute little paper card that references a cartoon I grew up watching is a winner. Unless it’s Captain Planet themed.  Then I just feel guilty.

Anyhow, the candy is really what’s important here.  My mom always makes sure we have some sort of Valentine’s treat—cookies or candy hearts or those little sampler boxes of Whitman’s chocolates.  And then come’s the inevitable Forrest Gump reference about life being like a box of chocolates.    Ha.  I wish. If life really was like a box of chocolates, I would be deliriously eating my way through the fabric of space. Om nom nom.

Where was I going with this?  I don’t remember.

The important thing is that whether you’re celebrating the Big V…alentine…with a significant other or friends or that random guy who always sits next to you on the bus no matter how many other seats are available, I’ve got some awesome meals and treats that will make your day delicious.

Delightful, Delicious, Delovely Dinners

Almond and broccoli soup–A lovely starter, to keep you revved up and light on your feet…or off your feet, as the case may be

Wine-braised short ribs–With arugula and white bean salad.  Contains an entire bottle of wine.  That’s all I have to say.

Pomegranate-ancho-chocolate-short ribs–Dinner AND dessert.  It’s food efficiency at its best.

Gratin de poireaux and steak with creamy mushroom sauce–dinner dressed to impress

Coconut beef–a slightly more exotic, casual meal

Lasagna–cuddly comfort food

Garlic mushroom chicken–for when you hate the person you’re with, or at least, really really don’t want to kiss them after dinner

Grilled chicken with pomegranate cream sauce–light, sexy and it says, “I care about your antioxidant levels.”

Asopao de pollo–spicy, creamy, full of flavor.  Like me.

Apricot chicken–sweet and spicy.  Also like me.

Lemon pepper garlic porkchops–seems pretty self explanatory

Drunken goat cheese quiche–how are drunken goats not the main Valentine’s Day mascot?

Pasta with mushroom ragout–animal friendly.  that’s love

Chocolate-mint-mojito slushies–It might be winter outside but it’s summer in my tummy

Strawberry agua fresca–light, refreshing and non-alcoholic.

Share Some Sweets

Meyer lemon curd–sweet, sassy and full of sunshine.  Wow.  There’s a lot of food that resembles me.

Chocolate marshmallow mousse–silky, chocolaty and perfect for sharing.

Apricot cinnamon bars–a different but delicious combination

Chocolate pomegranate sundae–a surprisingly perfect pairing, served all chic like in a wine glass

Petits pains au chocolat–little bites of awesome

Chocolate oreo semifreddo–looks really pretty awesome.  Tastes even better.

Gianduja bars–because sometimes you feel like a nut and oddly, that’s not a euphemism

Homemade turtles--take-to-work and reap in the valentines

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