Friday Foodie Finds: Jan 14

c is for cookieIt’s been awhile since I’ve done a links post, but I’ve been finding so much interesting stuff lately that I figured I should revive the tradition.  Have a cookie and read on for some of the fascinating things the intarwebs have to pique your gastronomical interest.

  • A map of all 50 states with the foods they are “best known for.”  I know you Michigan peeps are wondering was was listed for the Great Mitten.  It was pasties.  I know, seriously, pasties.  I realize they’re popular but I think it’s more of an Upper Peninsula thing.  I personally have never have a pasty in my entire life, although I’m probably a bad example because I have also never had a paczki despite their abundant presence in southeast Michigan.  Still I personally would’ve selected the all-mighty coney dog, or at least cherries, to represent the big M.  Your thoughts?
  • Food is art–a beautiful tumbler blog full of what can only really be referred to as food porn.
  • How to Make Chocolate Vodka.  Now let’s get something straight.  I’m not showing you this link because I suspect you’re an alcoholic.  Don’t worry; everyone sways back and forth like that…at 9am in the morning…at a bar.  Nor am I sending you this link because I’m secretly hoping to get you smashed in order to take some hilarious video footage of you doing the hokey pokey with a miniature goat so that I can post it on YouTube and make you web-famous.  No, no, the reason I’m sending you this link is because you’re obsessed with chocolate.  Just like me.  By the way, that link also contains a video, in case you’re too drunk tired to read properly.
  • You’re attracted to me because of my spicy personality.  But alas, I’m taken.  We can never be.  Console yourself with this spicy sriracha cookbook instead.
  • An infographic for no-knead ciabatta, bread thanks to Redditor zclip (original thread).
  • Of all the recipes I’ve saved over the last month, this is the one, the one where I looked at the picture and thought, “Oh my god.  I would kill everyone in this room to have that right now.”  Just kidding of course.  I’m the only person in this room and that would be counterproductiveRoasted pepper and tomato ragu.
  • Fooducate, an iPhone app that helps you make healthy eating choices in the grocery store.  Scan the barcode of a grocery product, see the truth about it’s nutritional value and find better options.

Happy Friday!

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