Life of Pie

Today is Pi Day.  That is, it’s March 14.  3-14. 3.14.  Tomorrow, my office will be “rounding up” and celebrating Pi Day with Pie treats.  We are awesome like that.  So to do my part, I made pies.  Mini pies.  On sticks.  Because food is better on a stick.  I made the mini pies just like I’ve done before, only I made the full “pie pop” recipe from Bakerella.  This time, half were peach and cinnamon and the other half were strawberry lemon.  I cheated by buying canned filling but then doctored it up (added vanilla and cinnamon to the peaches, and vanilla and lemon extract to the strawberry—yum).  Here is a quick pictorial of the life of these pies:

the circle of life

we meet in the middle

we are buns in the oven

a pie is born

pie bouquet!

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