Friday Foodie Finds: the Asian edition

My favorite finds from the internet this week seem to have a predominantly Asian-centric theme.

  • Just Bento’s archive–I don’t know what it is about bento boxes that appeal to me, but they’re fantastic.  I have one of my own; I’ll probably make a post about it soon.  I love planning out my lunches!  It’s fun and delicious.
  • Korean BBQ tacos by Inuyaki.  Korean.  BBQ.  Tacos.  Those three words, when separated, are full of win.  Put them together?  Korean BBQ Tacos.  Well if that’s not just the winningest thing I’ve heard today!
  • Char Siu, or Cantonese Roast Pork, a fantastic Recipe…and then you can use the leftovers to make BBQ pork buns!
  • Japanese Sponge Cake from Just Hungry.  A dessert so dangerous that if you cook it wrong, it will kill you.  Wait, no, that’s blowfish.  This looks tasty, if complicated.
  • Fresh spring rolls and dipping sauce.  I heart rolls of all kinds—eggrolls, summer rolls, spring rolls.  But given the time of year, I think these ones are just perfect to make on a warm, sunny evening.
  • and finally, 10 Weird Japanese Foods.  Don’t read while eating.  And no, it doesn’t disappoint.

Happy Friday!

nice buns you got there

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  1. Dannie Quinonez

    It’s cool that you get to see people who read your blog in person. I know plenty of Chicagoans read this blog, but we’d never recognize each other on the street.

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