Homegrown Festival!

We had a lovely time wandering the second annual Homegrown Festival…and apparently, so did a lot of people, because it was packed! We didn’t sample much, mostly because of long lines and..well, many many people, but we did try out Project Grow’s tomato tasting booth, and shared a delicious oreo cheesecake from my favorite local cheesecake place, Old World Bakery, which is located in downtown Ypsilanti.  We spent most of our time wandering around, looking, reading and enjoying the fabulous weather.  Excellent festival indeed.  Click the link below for a few pics:

Homegrown Festival
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One thought on “Homegrown Festival!

  1. Jen of a2eatwrite

    It truly was a blast! There were so many wonderful foods and wine/beer samples and all the exhibits were terrific. I was delighted it had such wonderful attendance – particularly on a football Saturday!

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