Crêpes! And other goodies from Detroit's Eastern Market

Once again, we found ourselves heading to Detroit’s Eastern Market this morning, sort of on a last minute whim, and a bit later than we normally go.  It was a beautiful morning and just what I needed to start the weekend off right.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the market here in Ann Arbor, but I have a special place in my heart for Eastern Market.  I think it’s the energy of the whole place.  You know, you pull up, you find a place to park…somewhere….reasonably within a walking distance and head on it.  There’s huge bins of watermelons on the side and beautiful ceramic planters for sale.  And once you start getting towards the center, there’s the fish fry place (“You buy, we fry”) and the vendors setting up their barbecue grills.  During the day when that barbecue has gotten started, Eastern Market smells like heaven.  And then, of course, the karaoke.  This morning when we walked in, about 9am, we were greeted by one lone but enthusiastic man singing Van Morrison’s “Moondance” to an audience of about three. Classic and fantastic.

Normally we hit up RJ Hirt for chorizo but by 9am, they were already packed so we skipped it, which was a bit sad.  However, we did get a fantastic surprise.  A crêpe stand!

Yes!  There was a stand set up by a business called “Good Girls Go to Paris Crêpes” and they were making and selling fresh crêpes on the spot.  Fantastique! I love crêpes, a deep and abiding love that’s been with me since my freshman year French class in high school.  I’ve long thought that what downtown Ann Arbor needs is a crêpe stand.  Josh had never had one but they looked great, so we stood in line for about 10-15 minutes to place an order.  We agreed to split one and settled on the banana with Nutella…and oh man was it worth it.

Even Josh, skeptical at first, agreed.  C’étati parfait.

Other fun things: squash blossoms, which we’ve wanted to try before but have never been able to find fresh.  We bought a box and will be trying them out this weekend…will let you know how it goes!

We also got some cherry bomb peppers from a farm in Monroe, some fantastic smelling and feeling bread from Avalon Bakery, and some beautiful red bell peppers from another local farm.

If this morning is any indication, it’s going to be a very good day.

Happy marketing!

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4 thoughts on “Crêpes! And other goodies from Detroit's Eastern Market

  1. Lauren

    I liked them, I definitely want to try again.

    As for the crêpes, they were DELICIOUS. I highly recommend checking out one of Good Girl’s locations the next time you’re in Detroit.

  2. Tammy

    I have been to the market a few times and I always can find new things to keep me happy. Of course, some shopping as well. I want to try the crepes as well.

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