My dream is to one day have my very own chocolate river of delight

But until that day, I will just have to get by on the kindness of my husband (who brings me chocolates from my current all-time favorite chocolatier Schakolad) and good friends like my fellow foodie Brian, who just came back from three weeks in Europe (jealous?  Yes, completely) and brought me a bar (it’s actually 2 bars in one package) of delicious Belgian Côte d’Or Noir de Noir chocolate.  I love this chocolate for a couple reasons: one, it’s freaking delicious; two, I may be somewhat in love with the packaging because it’s entirely in French and, thanks to 5 years of French classes I am a bit of a Francophile (although, really, I’m in love with the Mediterranean as a whole, but France in particular).  So I was tickled that even though my last French class was 4 years ago or more and even though I use my French knowledge only rarely (something I am working on thanks to LanguageGuide and Le Cuisinier, a French recipe site), I still knew that that Côte d’Or means the “Gold Coast” and that, after deciphering the information on the back of the label, it utilizes superior cacao beans and has a minimum of 54% cacao content.  It’s dark but not very, and sweet.  And delicious.  Did I mention delicious?  I find this particularly interesting/amusing because Côte d’Or is actually owned by Kraft Foods. Who would have guessed?

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