A Morning at the Market

Eastern Market in Detroit, that is. Eastern Market is the largest historic market district in the nation, apparently.  I’ve been going there for several years now and it’s always fantastic.  It’s a great place to get plants, flowers, fresh produce, cheeses, Josh’s favorite brand of Mexican chorizo, spices, cheap meat, fresh made barbecue and to sit out, hang out, and eat at any of the great restaurants lining the streets.  We go about once a month and stock up and it’s always a good time.  The stall vendors are loud, colorful and friendly and much of the food is locally grown (and some even organic).  We peruse the produce stalls looking for good deals on bell peppers, tomatoes, strawberries and blueberries, and then hit some of our favorite stores, including R.J. Hirts (for cheese, chorizo and bread, not to mention fun gifts), Rafal Spice Company (although it seems to be closed these days, no idea what’s going on there) and Rocky Peanut Company for spices, pantry items and candy.  There’s also a great bakery at the edge of the district, Milano Bakery, where we like to stop and get sandwiches and purchase delicious, inexpensive baked goods.  And apparently the Market is now also doing weekly food demonstrations!  This week was a pork tenderloin salad, which I sadly missed.

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